EOE (15 – 300kg)

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Parcel scales with big platform for fast and easy weighing in the office, production, dispatch etc.

  • High mobility: Battery operation, compact, flat construction and low weight make this scale ideal for the use in several locations
  • Wall mount for display device standard
  • Hold function: When the weighing conditions are unstable, a stable weight is calculated determining an average value
  • Protective working cover over the display device included in the scope of supply

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EOE 100K-2, 150kg x 50g, EOE 10K-3, 15kg x 5g, EOE 150K50L, 150kg x 50g, EOE 150K50XL, 150kg x 50g, EOE 300K100, 300kg x 100g, EOE 300K100L, 300kg x 100g, EOE 300K100XL, 300kg x 100g, EOE 30K-2, 35kg x 10g, EOE 60K-2, 60kg x 20g, EOE 60K-2L, 60kg x 20g