Gravity Feed Slicer | ADE DIAGONAL SN Series

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The powerful professional slicers of the DiagonalSN series are suitable for continuous operation as intended. The gravity feed slicers are particularly convincing with their automatic material feed through the steep incline of the slide. The carriage also has a guide rail that is used to fix the cut material. The rough surface of the food holder also prevents the cut material from slipping. The slide is removable for easy cleaning.

  • Independent product feed thanks to steep incline of the carriage
  • Robust housing made of special aluminum alloy – anodised
  • Air-cooled motor with extremely quiet drive
  • Food carriage with integrated guide rail
  • Hard-chrome plated bladel
  • Continously adjustable slice thickness: 0 – 15 mm
  • Four suction feet for safe standing
  • Carriage easy to remove for effortless cleaning
  • Includes guide rail for product fixation
  • Suitable for intended continuous operation
  • Delivery includes a sharpening tool


  • Wear resistant and fatigue free switch design
  • Extremely robust
  • Maintenance free
  • Smooth surfaces for easy cleaning
  • With integrated operating display
  • High number of switching cycles

The gravity feed slicer of the Diagonal SN series are available in different versions:

  • With a smooth knife
  • With a smooth knife with Teflon coating, e.g. B. for cheese
  • With toothed knife for cutting bread
  • With toothed knife with Teflon coating