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The entry-level models of the Hanse series cut cold cuts, sausage, ham and cheese reliably and cleanly thanks to their large cutting area and their hard chrome-plated knife made of special steel. Regardless of whether thick or thin slices are required, the slice thickness can be selected continuously between 0 and 15 mm. A slight inclination of the slide and knife offers the ease of use of a bevel cutter. All models are equipped with an air-cooled motor with an extremely quiet drive.

  • Robust housing made of special aluminum alloy – anodised
  • Air-cooled motor with extremely quiet drive
  • Hard-chrome plated blade
  • Continously adjustable slice thickness: 0 – 15 mm
  • Four suction feet for safe standing
  • Comfort of a slightly sloped slicer due to slightly sloped food carriage and blade
  • Carriage easy to remove for effortless cleaning
  • Delivery includes a sharpening tool

The gravity slicer of the HANSE series are available in different versions:

  • With a smooth knife
  • With a smooth knife with Teflon coating, e.g. B. for cheese
  • With toothed knife for cutting bread
  • With toothed knife with Teflon coating
Modell HANSE 250-230 HANSE 300-230 HANSE 300-400
Blade Ø/mm 250 300 300
Cutting area/mm 210 x 185 235 x 220 235 x 220
Dimensions/mm 410 x 475 x 340 475 x 580 x 440 475 x 580 x 440
Net weight 16 kg 23.5 kg 23.5 kg
Power 0.14 kW 0.23 kW 0.23 kW
Type of current 230 V 230 V 400 V