Hand grip dynamometer MAP

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Hand grip dynamometer, e. g. for rehabilitation treatment after accidents

  • Especially suitable for use in rehabilitation centres for determining manual clamping force
  • There are four measuring methods, which for example, as part of a rehabilitation program, help the medical staff to monitor the fitness of the patient’s hands and carry out controlled training:

– Real time mode: immediately shows the client’s current strength
– Peak/Max mode: shows the maximum strength of a client’s grip
– Average mode: Calculates the average strength from two grips
– Counting mode: Counts the number of presses which exceed a previously defined strength limit

  • Designed to reveal reduced hand strength and the risk of morbidity which results from this, for aging people or to expose malnutrition, for example, during chemotherapy or similar treatments
  • As part of a rehabilitation program, this permits medical staff to monitor the fitness of the patient’s hands and carry out controlled training
  • Safe, comfortable use thanks to non-slip rubber grips
  • Integrated AUTO-OFF function after 1 minute to preserve the batteries
  • Weight displayed in kg or lb
  • KERN MAP 80K1S: Special version for children: The small handle depth means that the handles can still be gripped ergonomically, particularly by the small hands of infants
  •  Exchangeable springs facilitate fast switching of the capacity ()
  • The varying rigidity of the individual springs makes the hand grip dynamometer ideal for a wide variety of patient groups, e. g. children or senior citizens or in sports medicine.
  • Stable case for safe, easy transport and for storage of the additional spring sets, standard, W×D×H 350×265×85 mm

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